Chapter 1

At the edge of the Maqoian Woods, under the purple light of the two moons, Flamenight and Nightskin, a small campfire is crackling. Almost touching the warm stones surrounding the burning logs are two green, scaly feet. 

Just wait, hmm. This dessert make you forget hardships of day, hmm. Made from freshly harvested chocap mushrooms, hmm. Very tasty, hmm.”

The words, spoken in a heavy, hard and rolling accent, come from the owner of the green, scaly feet. While speaking, theres a faint trace of green spores erupting from his mouth and nostrils for each word rolling over his tongue. 

As he stands up and stretches his back, he towers over two meters from head to toe. He quickly lowers into his usual posture, slightly hunched and his legs slightly bent. His clothes are simple tan linen pants and shirt, both equally torn and dirty, yet decorated with leaves, feathers and bones.. 

He pokes at the firewood, with his long quarterstaff, which is overgrown by mushrooms in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Beskriv senere, med udsagn fra de andre:

 There’s a strong smell of soil when you get close to him

His head has no ears, but four bright, bonecolored horns, two of the smaller than the others. The yellow-greenish eyes seem pleasant and innocent.

In addition to bags of mushrooms, there are also small bottles with mainly black and white liquids in the belt.