Rutan Shadowsight


With the grey/greenish skin, protuding chin and small tusks, this is quite clearly an orc. When his face is hidden by the dark, purple hood, you could be fooled. Although as tall as an orc, his physique otherwise is unusually slender. He moves quietly, gracefully almost as if he is floating.

His hands are covered in purple, dirty bandages and upon close inspection, they may have traces of blood from former combat.

His eyes are completely covered by the same purple bandages. He sacrificed his eyes to obtain a different form of vision. He talks about an invisible force, gariwi, that allows him to see things around him as clear as with perfect vision.


Has a mild form of tourettes, no sounds, only involuntary movement unless highly focused, as when fighting, handling traps or picking locks.

Has some very strict rituals which are always performed in the same way.

Writers notes

Race: Orc

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Class inspiration: Monk/Rogue