Jarruk Bonebeard


An almost square creature, with a large, beautiful, brown beard with numerous small bonebeads braided into it. His hair is one long braid from the top of his head and the sides of his head is shaven.

The axe expected to be used by a dwarf has been traded by an enourmos sword. His chest is covered by a battered, silvery breastplate and the rest of his torso, legs and arms are covered in thick leather armor.

His big smile makes the three scars over his left eye and has turned it white, less scary.

He is a loud-mouthed man, with an accent that clearly places him with the dwarves from the east.

He almost always, if not fighting, has his left hand on a flask in his belt. He calls it his “strength elixir” and often drinks it when he senses a prelude to battle. It is a thick, black, almost tar-like drink, which to most people will probably taste bad.


From his first kill of a new creature, he always takes a bone, which he cleans, hollows out and engraves with a small rune. Afterwards, he braids it into his beard.

Incredibly sharp, humble and old-fashioned. Is very concerned about keeping promises and agreements, which is why he often wants these spelled out in small details, so that he can fulfill the wishes of others as best as possible.

Writers notes

Race: Dwarf

Sex: Male

Age: 108

Class inspiration: Fighter/Barbarian