Yanatooq "Yank" Alubi Mydira Zanifi Faeyore Pibewand


A short, colorfully dressed woman with light pink hair, set up with a dozen hair bands that she looks like she’s slept with, looks at you with a big smile and curious eyes behind large, round spectacles.

At the corner of her mouth, a beatifully carved pibe dangles, purple smoke twirling up from the smouldering tobacco.

At the side of her belt, a small notebook is hanging. On the front there is a beautifully carved pipe, with smoke encircling the entire pipe.

With a quick movement of the hand, the pipe is removed from the corner of the mouth, flicked once and the jug of mead slides across the table to her so she can reach it.


In a matter of minutes, you discover the origin of her nickname “Yank”. Firstly, it is a contraction of her name and secondly, she has found an effective way to get in touch with the many taller beings. She simply gives their clothes a proper yank.

She gets startled very easily, which is sometimes problematic when you are also very curious.

writers notes

Race: Gnome

Sex: Female

Age: 51

Class inspiration: Wizard