"Seagull" Sozkan


At first, all you see is a black, heavily salt-crusted capote. The hood so engulfed in salt-crust, that it seems to be standing on it’s own. A pair of high, black leather boots covers the legs along with dark grey breeches. The black shirt is closed, except for one button and fits snugly to his torso. Every once in a while, you might catch a glimpse of a blue amulet, shaped like a curled tentacle under his shirt.

His hands and face are pale, almost grey and his hair is white like snow. If see his face, you quickly notice two things. It seems impossible to guess the age of the this grey elf with the skin of a child, but eyes that seems to have seen centuries and from his left eyes, a tear seems to be constantly rolling down his cheek.


Talks unbelievably much and often you get the feeling of small lies mixed in, which mostly just aim to make the story more interesting.

The only liquid he consumes is salt water. He prefers to eat fish and also salt this to a point where it will be inedible for others.

writers notes

Race: Shadar-Kai

Sex: Male

Age: 239

Class inspiration: Warlock