Mykorrhiza Laetiporus


The 4 fingered hand with short, sharp claws, green scales, reptilian face and dragonlike appearance, makes it clear, that this is a dragera. He doesn’t look to be more than rouchly 180 cm, but when he stretches his bent legs and his hunched back, his 203 cm towers over most humans.

His clothes with brown and green stains, bear clear signs of a life in nature handling both grass, moss, leaves and dirt. The long staff in his right hand has a variety of mushrooms growing from it. A large tortoise shield on his back, clearly has straps, so that it can be attached to his arm.

Whenever he breathes, it is almost as though he puffs a bit of green spores from his nostrils.


In conversation with other creatures of the population, it quickly becomes clear, that the 17 years of his life has been spent alone in the woods, as manners and personal boundaries are a mystery to him. He speaks with a very distinct accent.

Often talks to himself. Well, maybe it’s really more a matter of him talking to things from nature, like flowers, trees and most often mushrooms.


Speaks with a heavy, drageran accent:

I no go in castle, hmm.

Is very delicious meat, is badger, hmm?

NO! No step on mushroom, hmm! You no like me step on you, hmm!

I is hurt, hmm. Sword through sholder hurt, hmm.

writers notes

Race: Dragonborn / Dragera

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Class inspiration: Druid/Ranger