Snotling #1

Snotling #1 Featured

One thing I remember back some 20 years ago, I was painting some, well I guess snotling sized demons of sort. I don’t remember the name, but some warhammer, chaos miniatures. Having spent a great deal of time making them – in my eyes – awesome and abonimable, I went to show them to my mom. She looked and said, quote: “Aw, they are cute!”

After that I went straight back to my room and repainted them. Demons are not meant to be cute… *sigh* if only the younger me had known better.

So back to me, twenty years later – this time with this little snotling. I sent my mom some pictures, and her reply was: “He’s a cute little one…” – See I’ve learned to things:

  1. Mom’s saying it’s cute, must mean it’s well painted and absolutely stunning.
  2. Mom’s never get wiser, I guess…

PS. I love my mom!

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