Kairon aka Torment

Kairon Featured

Kairon – who is most often called Torment – ended up being just such. A tiefling discovering his magic powers, in a wild surge of fiery magic. Holding his loved one in his arm, as she suddenly burst in to flames – everything he touched was set on fire. Since that fated day, Torment kept […]

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Kirêtiya, the Warlock

Kirêtiya Feature

Kirêtiya is an evil warlock, having made a pact with Loki to recover some lost relics and artifacts. In return, Loki has promised Kirêtiya, that he will help him regain his wings. Because of this pact, Kirêtiya now travels all around Aldinngaard, in search of the relics and artifacts Loki helps him locate. The miniature […]

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Rumble Rustbelly

Rumble Featured

A character I painted for my brother, who plays a dwarf paladin. Rumble Rustbelly is, like most dwarfs, fond of ale – especially the family brew of Rustale. My brother wanted a dwarf with pale skin, but reddish face and facial hair. And then some purple – the rest was up to me. The miniature […]

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Snotling #1

Snotling #1 Featured

One thing I remember back some 20 years ago, I was painting some, well I guess snotling sized demons of sort. I don’t remember the name, but some warhammer, chaos miniatures. Having spent a great deal of time making them – in my eyes – awesome and abonimable, I went to show them to my […]

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